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Review: Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

I wrote the following review of the Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 some time back for the Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN). It appeared in the current issue of the Asia-Pacific Mountain Courier (Mountain Courier) on ‘mountain biodiversity’. The issue is available online and in print, and is distributed free of cost to interested stakeholders.

Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

The Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) is a flagship publication of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) targeted at a variety of audiences to inform them of the importance of biodiversity; the third Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3) was launched on May 2010 and informs of the progress made in meeting the 2010 Biodiversity Target. It is based on national reports submitted by over 100 countries, biodiversity indicators information, scientific literature, and a study assessing future biodiversity scenarios. Subject to an extensive independent scientific review process, publication of GBO-3 is one of the principal milestones of the UN’s International Year of Biodiversity. Continue reading Review: Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

14 million Nepalese shit in the open

So reads the hoarding board inside the Bhat Bhateni supermarket complex and a few other places in Kathmandu.

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blame it on the climate (Part deux)!!

I shared my earlier post with quite a number of friends and most seem to have misjudged my stance on climate change. I have never denied that climate change/global warming is an issue. The only bothersome aspect about climate change lies in the communication – the fear mongering, and associating all calamities with climate change, that people have resorted to over the years. Things are often blown out of proportions and lately, climate change is such a hyped deal that every freak incident of nature has been dumped on it; it is so much easier to simply blame it on the climate.

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