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Bel Biwaha

(Bael Biwaha/Bel Bibaha) or “Ehee” is a ritual that signifies a coming of age for Newar girls.  It is an age-old tradition followed devoutly by the Newar community – the predominant resident population in Patan, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur in Nepal.   Like this:Like Loading…

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I don’t hike, period! However, I am at times goaded into following the pack. Throw in a few incentives such as the opportunity to test out my now not-so-new camera pack, I accede myself to the physical abuse of body and soul. The hike officially began for the nine of us (Abhit, Ashok, Badri, Dadi, […]

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Panorama of brick kilns at Godavari

Ruining a perfectly good landscape are about four brick factories in Godavari. This panorama as seen from the restaurant/dining space at the Godavari Village resort, is a composite of eight different images stitched with Microsoft ICE. Like this:Like Loading…

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