Impressions of a linux newbie

For my last post, I posted an essay from back in the days. Tinkering with this installation of WordPress – making minor changes to the CSS,  trying to configure syncing my Twitter and Facebook page and taking up two different personal projects blogging took a back step yet again :(.

screenshot of my current desktop

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Lucid Linux

After two failed attempts (12) to get going on an Ubuntu system, I finally have my system configured (with help from Dr. Khelu). The boot up time is significantly reduced and I am having a swell time housekeeping – finding Linux alternatives for Windows applications that I was rather accustomed to.

For starters, a list of programmes that have been very becoming

  • VLC media player (Video editor that is also available for windows)
  • AVIdemux (free video editor/converter that is also available for windows)
  • GWget (GUI enabled download manager; alternative for Orbit)
  • Exaile Music player (alternative for Foobar 2000)
  • Transmission bittorrent client (alternative for utorrent)
  • Wine (to run programmes native to the Windows OS)
  • Chrome (Web browser also available for windows)
  • F-spot photo manager (photo management software, alternative for Picasa) Picasa is also available for linux;

All applications can be downloaded using the Synaptic Package Manager native to Ubuntu.

My last effort at Ubuntu waned because I couldn’t find a suitable PPOE client back then and was a bit ticked off as I had to download loads of additional software (read codecs) just to watch movies and listen to mp3.

This time around, after acquiring a cheap router and directions from Khelu to download/update the proprietary codecs required for mp3 playback later, I am a happy Ubuntu newbie and seriously considering not going back.

Amarok, a very hyped music manager has been the only disappointment so far;  the learning curve might need to be reinvented with GIMP (free alternative for Adobe Photoshop) but that’s a long way ahead.

I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands dirty with Bluefish text editor (regex enabled text editor; an alternative for Notepad++)

My first post off a Linux system and am loving it 😀

  • Khelu shrestha

    Good to hear you are loving ubuntu, keep on using n ull get it in no time. Just go to the web for any problem i bet u can find every solution there. few sites I can suggest are for the themes and all for most of the problems ull get the answer here.
    La ta mots hav fun wid ubuntu.

  • Google's been my best bet so far and ubuntuforums always seems to have the answers!
    thanks Dr. Khelu 😀