Panorama of brick kilns at Godavari

Ruining a perfectly good landscape are about four brick factories in Godavari. This panorama as seen from the restaurant/dining space at the Godavari Village resort, is a composite of eight different images stitched with Microsoft ICE.
Click to count the number of brick kilns

Link to the 6mb panorama

The same panorama that you can pan and zoom in is now available with a viewer from photosynth. However, you will need a browser compatible with Microsoft Silverlight for it to work properly.

Alternatively, the same panorama image is available on Gigapan that you can pan and zoom is available on and works with any flash compatible browser.

Brick kilns are considered a major source of air pollution in the Kathmandu valley. A publication on PlanUSA estimates that 60000 children work in brick kilns in Nepal. A historic flashmob was organised in Basantapur some time back (Ujwol, merodiary, lex
was organised by Brick Clean Network to support the use of “Clean and green bricks and no blood bricks”.

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