Wingardium Leviosa – levitation photography

Wingardium Leviosa is the levitation spell – the spell that makes things fly/hover. Most Harry Potter fans would swear by it.

Here, this spell has a different connotation –  photographs of floating people. Inspired by the Japanese yowayowa blog and with hints and howtos from the Digital rev channel, I and Udayan decided on doing something similar – taking photographs of levitating people. We were fairly successful in getting our colleagues to join us in our endeavor and Udayan,  a true photo aficionado that he is, was ever bubbling with ideas. The venue – the campus at work, and our very good friends served as the models. With a lesser number of people and prying eyes likely to disturb us on a Sunday,  we managed to squeeze 1-2 shots in-between breaks during the practice for the cultural programme at work. Some of the photos turned out decent and some had more to be desired. We even planned on using  a hose and a trolley as props, but those will likely follow in the days to come. For now, we managed to use an umbrella and a schedule as props.

Jay Udayan

I used a Canon Rebel Ti with 18-55 Canon Kit lens. This stint would not have been possible without Udayan, Ritu, Seema, Malvika, Alok, Krisha, Suyesh, Nabin, Suman and Jay for posing for the photographs. 🙂 The digital rev video on youtube is quite comprehensive and if you have had time to fool around with a DSLR, you would end up with pretty good results. Some post processing was done in Adobe Lightroom 3 and Picasa :O

  • this was awesome, we should do it more often 🙂

  • Seema Karki

    Ur imagination come true Motagrapher 🙂
    Awesome Levitating pics !

    • Thanks! Credits also due to Udayan and you guys who chipped in their creative inputs. 🙂

  • Chhavilalsharma

    Reallly Awesome…

  • kgb

    hahahahah…so cool 🙂 working very hard, i see. hahahaha