My writer friend (Prawin Adhikari), who penned the story and wrote the screenplay as well, got forty of us (mates from school, writer fraternity and their pluses and plus’s pluses) to an evening screening of Kohi… mero yesterday. I did recall some bits of the story from last year in September, when he narrated it as he kept me company in the hospital. I was eagerly looking forward to watching this movie. Kohi Mero poster from http://www.kohimero.com/ I and a few others arrived just in time to cheer Prawin as the opening credits rolled in. I would have whistled out loud, but this is a skill I have yet to master.

First love!

I took upon an invitation to watch this movie at Jai Nepal. This was my second Nepali movie after “Sano Sansar”. I was not very impressed back then either, but I solaced myself because it was a commendable effort from the Kollywood fraternity and the sound track was also hum-worthy. However, this movie – First love, does have its share of quirks that really bothered me. The plot is nondescript; much inspired by a plethora of plots, the most prominent being the last American virgin.