My writer friend (Prawin Adhikari), who penned the story and wrote the screenplay as well, got forty of us (mates from school, writer fraternity and their pluses and plus’s pluses) to an evening screening of Kohi… mero yesterday. I did recall some bits of the story from last year in September, when he narrated it as he kept me company in the hospital. I was eagerly looking forward to watching this movie. Kohi Mero poster from http://www.kohimero.com/ I and a few others arrived just in time to cheer Prawin as the opening credits rolled in. I would have whistled out loud, but this is a skill I have yet to master.

The age of Stupid

I spent a greater half of yesterday evening reading about a to-be-released film –The age of  Stupid from director Franny Armstrong (of Mclibel and Baked Alaska) and producer John Battsek.

Juno!! a feel good movie to the finish!

Ever been through in a fix while contemplating the purchase or rental of a movie; the jacket can only tell you so much. To top it off, if the cover of a confused pregnant girl gives you second thoughts, you could miss out on a realy feel good movie full of spunk (not the British one) as I almost did. I finally came about watching Juno after reading a column by Dubby Bhagat on the Himalayan Times English daily.