Impressions of a linux newbie

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Reconsidering the Ubuntu distro again!!

I just learned that I had it all wrong in my earlier post about Ubuntu not supporting PPPoE. While trying to help out another newbie in the local FOSS-Nepal google group, I stood corrected. It seems the guy who answered my query in the Ubuntu forums had it all wrong or may have prejudged my condition/problem.

Disappointed with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

After making such big fuss about the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, I washed my hands off it, because it became more of a big bite to chew off, let alone digest. To start with, in the freshly installed Ubuntu system, I had no mp3 support, no video support (The Codecs are to be downloaded from Ubuntu repositories off the internet and are not part of the preliminary package even the DVD). I was almost deaf and blind in the system as I could not make use of my mp3s or my downloaded videos.