Academic SPAM or vanity publishing?

I received an email from an associate from LAP Lambert Academic Publishing some time back, stating that they found my thesis entitled “Application of GIS in the study of land cover distribution, geomorphometry, terrain and water quality in Asi Khola Subwatershed” in the library at Kathmandu University and wanted to publish it in the form of a book. Furthermore, they would do all this for free! I do have a few friends and colleagues who were quite elated to have been approached by an genuine European publisher. One of my friend’s book is now  available on Amazon for a whopping $70. Back then, I said good for you and shelved the idea. However, this time around when I was approached with a similar Read More …

these dudes' got issues

Purely on whim, I googled “Nepal” and “blog” and came up with an interesting number of hits, the most conspicuous and interesting being blogdai – a blogger who seems to have been around for a number of years. Blogdai is an anonymous blogger who has an interesting take ( a rather conservative one) on current Nepalese politics and associated geopolitics. A few seem to have tried to find out the true identity of blogdai but efforts were futile.