foot in mouth incident I!

There is this new Caucasian face in the bus whom we completely ignore and go about making jokes like our usual selves – we’re this raucous gang of three, four miscreants who huddle in the last two seats and make conversation on god-knows-what-not all the way home. This new face did punctuate our conversation with his questions on the commute but otherwise kept mostly to his self. He seemed surprisingly knowledgeable about the city and roads around Bhat Bhateni.

National Stakeholders’ meeting on the Malé Declaration…, a memoir

I attended the National stakeholder meeting on the “Malé Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and its likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia” held yesterday at the Himalayan Hotel, courtesy my involvements with the South Asian Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) and the Youth for clean Air document.

Exhibitionists protest yellow journalism

This is truly a first for me, and I laughed my arse off (LMAO) when I came across this photo essay.