Review: Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

The review of the book appears in the current issue of the Asia-Pacific Mountain Courier (AP Mountain Courier) on ‘mountain biodiversity’. The issue is available online and in print, and is distributed free of cost to interested stakeholders. Read More …

Everest revisited… yet again!

Mountaineer, photographer and filmmaker (director and leader of the Everest IMAX team) David Breashears is in the limelight again because of his “Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya” exhibition. Part of his Glacier Research Imaging Project (GRIP),  David and his team, will undertake “repeat photography” of the Himalayan region and the Tibetan plateau by following the footsteps of mountaineers from the past 110 years. He has meticulously reproduced photographs of the Main Rongbuk glacier north of the Everest summit after George L. Mallory (who first took it in 1921 AD) after a period of eighty six years. Source: low res screen capture from [link]

Himalaya Gate: the Himalayan glacier melt fiasco!

Its been a while since the shit hit the fan. I found this post in my archives; never did go about publishing it. There was the CRU-Gate also known as Climate Gate where emails of the scientists within the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) got hacked and was made publicly available. Himalaya Gate and a whole lot of other Gates (Amazon GATE) cropped up just around the Copenhagen meet.