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A Nikon Coolpix p7100 or the Canon G12

An advanced point-and-shoot camera (also referred to as a prosumer camera) to top up on my photographic arsenal – a  Canon 500D –  has been on my wishlist for over a year now. The steep learning curve with the DSLR camera has been a rewarding experience, but work and other commitments has me limited to an amateur photographer who gets to try photographic quips on seldom weekends; the AmazonBasics backpack, with the shoulder strap split at the seams a week after purchase, is also a reasonable load, and is a rather obtrusive addition to my work backpack on a work day. Additionally, the Canon Powershot G series or the Nikon Coolpix series always did seem like a wonderful backup/substitute for a DSLR kit – less obtrusive and easier to lug around.

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Wingardium Leviosa – levitation photography

Wingardium Leviosa is the levitation spell – the spell that makes things fly/hover. Most Harry Potter fans would swear by it. Here, this spell has a different connotation –  photographs of floating people. Inspired by the Japanese yowayowa blog and with hints and howtos from the Digital rev channel, I and Udayan decided on doing something similar – taking photographs of levitating people. We were fairly successful in getting our colleagues to join us in our endeavor and Udayan,  a true photo aficionado that he is, was ever bubbling with ideas. The venue – the campus at work, and our very good friends served as the models. With a lesser number of people and prying eyes likely to disturb us on a Sunday,  we managed to squeeze 1-2 shots in-between breaks during the practice for the cultural programme at work. Some of the photos turned out decent and some had more to be desired. We even planned on using  a hose and a trolley as props, but those will likely follow in the days to come. For now, we managed to use an umbrella and a schedule as props.

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Considering getting myself a DSLR

I have been dabbling in photography lately, mainly through borrowed cameras (point and shoot, Canon and Sony Alpha DSLRS and Nikon P6000)s. A selection is available here, here and here.

I have had opportunities to try them first hand through my good friend Nabin, who runs a photography blog at Nepal through the lens, Nischal ‘Batta” and Shoki Shakya who run an events and promotions company – Kgarira.com, and my cousin who owns a Sony Alpha DSLR.
Canon G11

Initially, I was settling for a Canon PowerShot G11 10MP, which is available in the local market for NRs 44000 /- with a 4 GB memory card, which is a wonderful camera if you wouldn’t want to lug around a DSLR and its accessories daily. I might even consider one in the near future as all photographers seem to augment their choice of DSLR with a powerful point and shoot. :)

The Canon Vs. Nikon Vs. Sony Vs others had me flabbergasted. Sony isn’t my cup of tea even though they seem to make most of the image processors for Canon and Nikon as well. I had my qualms on settling for a similarly priced Nikon D5000  with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens instead but this comparison did help. Continue reading Considering getting myself a DSLR