Cultural Pollution

‘Cultural’ implies pertaining to customs, beliefs, art and all the other products of human thought made by a particular group of people at a particular time. Culture provides a sense of identity; it defines who you are and maintains a sense of belonging. It validates our reason for being in this world, defining where we are headed in our lives. Cultural rules influence people to behave similarly, making it easier for them to identify with each other. It shapes attitudes, thinking, behavior and values. It is also normative, defining the standard for judging values and behavior.

Only in America

What’s great about America? Everything (maybe). Its the land of opportunity and the land of freedom. The state respects the citizen’s freedom of speech and ideology. Fascists, leftists, chauvinists, environmentalists, animal activists; all seem to have made their niches in the United States of America. It is a good thing that the state respects people’s ideology but at times I wonder if the state has been too lenient is this regard.

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry [Homophobic America??]

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry just made to my list of late night movies. I laughed and clapped throughout the movie. Now it does strike me as odd, because it was too late in the night for such antics.