if only we had Nepalese designers who could spell

Nepalese designers cannot spell

This is one of many hoarding boards that span across the walls of the Dasarath Rangasala Stadium in Tripureswor opposite the UWTC shopping mall.

Perhaps, its just a typo and would have been easily missed if it had occurred in a newspaper or magazine but with text at least a few feet across staring at you every time you pass the street; it is such a huge let down. That too while celebrating Nepal Tourism Year 2011.”Together for Toursim”  near the lower left hand side of the huge hoarding board is perhaps an indication that designers can’t spell in Kathmandu or are too lazy to Google. 🙂

The above image is a composite of two photos created using Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE). The software is free for non-commercial use and stitches images in a jiffy. This is so much more easier than Hugin (the panorama maker listed on Wikipedia. refer to my earlier post about Hugin.

  • I don;t know , what do you want but through this post i got information about Microsoft Research image composite editor software.

    • Gaurav,

      Its a composite editor that they’ve used to create tiled panoramas, similar
      to WMS like tile caches. Usage is free for non commercial purposes.

      Flawlessly makes composites (panoramas) from images.