A day’s hike to Chisapani, Nepal

I don’t hike, period! However, I am at times goaded into following the pack. Throw in a few incentives such as the opportunity to test out my now not-so-new camera pack, I accede myself to the physical abuse of body and soul. The hike officially began for the nine of us (Abhit, Ashok, Badri, Dadi, Dibbesh, Gyanendra,  Ratna, Sanjay and myself) at the park entrance of the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park in Pani Muhan. A haze overhead showed no sign of clearing at 8:00 AM, as we entered the national park. Rather accustomed to the road up to Nagi Gumba (nun monastery) having been there quite a few times already, I was rather candid during my walk uphill. The steps Read More …

if only we had Nepalese designers who could spell

Behind Lambert Academic Publishing’s marketing gimmick

I was rather taken back by how VDM or Lambert Academic publishing had pieced together bits of my information – Name and email address, the university I studied at, and my dissertation topic. At first I assumed that this would have required a really smart scraper (lines of software code that read information off website) or bot to piece together these bits of info (possibly acquired from multiple sources) for instance – the blog, information indexed on Google and the library at Kathmandu University.