Cultural Pollution

‘Cultural’ implies pertaining to customs, beliefs, art and all the other products of human thought made by a particular group of people at a particular time. Culture provides a sense of identity; it defines who you are and maintains a sense of belonging. It validates our reason for being in this world, defining where we are headed in our lives. Cultural rules influence people to behave similarly, making it easier for them to identify with each other. It shapes attitudes, thinking, behavior and values. It is also normative, defining the standard for judging values and behavior.

Random Photoshop Antics IV

The following is the product of a few hours in front of the computer tinkering with Photoshop using standard tools – colour replace, clone, stamp among others.

Picasa web albums giving away 11 GBs of space?

This is straight off Picasa’s new features page. It had me stumped. I even checked and double checked if I had been bumped to 11 GB as well. (Picasa web albums normally allows you to have up to 1gb of space for photos free of charge).