bottoms up!

Cheers! Chin Chin!! Salut! Gyambe!! Bottoms up!!

are interjections that we as social beings, use while at the water hole, gobbling up goodies and sloshing down mugs/jugs/shots/glasses of alcohol. The usual Friday when friends and/or acquaintances meet for abnormal doses of booooooze, we tend to be in a jovial mood glad of the week gone by, but ever dreary of the Monday to come.

More recently over a cup of a tea, a brilliant colleague faultlessly pointed out that “Bottoms up, friends” (an interjection used to clear our glasses by chugging the drinks) directly translated into Nepali would be “??? ????, ????” (pronounced Chaak Maathi, Saathi). Therefore, me inclining you to raise your glass would inadvertently be implying you to raise your bottoms (read ass) instead.

A pro-homosexual innuendo/translation would be a friend over/on my ass. Call me homophobic, but the latter does not sound very appealing.

TGIF (Thank God its Friday) and good luck with the booze….:-)