A list of 10 must-have apps on an android phone

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now – a list of 10 must-have applications for an android phone. Having acquired a Samsung Galaxy S LCD (GT-I9003) for just under a year, I have flashed, rooted, unrooted, upgraded and factory reset it numerous times. With each factory reset that normally requires reinstalling all my applications, this list of apps has been on my top priority with every install. A lot of friends call upon me for recommendations for android applications, and so I figured I might as well write a blog on one. 🙂

Android pees on iphone

  1. Juice Defender : Given that all android phones have been known to be processor/juice (battery life hungry), I figured that Juice defender has to be on the top of any android fanboy’s top app. It helps save battery life significantly by killing off processes that run in the background (your Facebook App, twitter, Foursquare and the likes). Available for free download from the Google Play store, you can upgrade the application to a full version to have finer grain access (scheduled shutdowns, selective kill). You can read about benefits about the application on Lifehacker as well.
  2. Google Reader: If you follow a lot of websites regularly, then this application is the one for you. It syncs seamlessly with your google reader account and lets you follow all your favorite sites, blogs, and more, all in one place.
  3. GO Launcher EX: An application launcher that you can use to replace your default application launcher. It is a definite plus on design and usability.
  4. ES File Explorer: An extended file explorer, it has tons of features than your regular file explorer does not. Once you root your phone, you would have access to your root folder as well.
  5. GPS Essentials: A suite of applications for finer grain access to your assisted GPS on your phone. You can export tracks or geocode photos directly or overlay your photos onto a track within Google maps on your phone.
  6. GO SMS Pro: Replace your stock SMS application with this one. Features like scheduled SMS backup, a password protected private inbox, and automated handling of incoming SMS depending on originating number among others are key features.
  7. Dropbox: It syncs files between computers and your phones. All your photos from the camera on your phone can be wirelessly stored onto your Dropbox account automatically.
  8. Any.DO To Do List : lets you set reminders, and sync your tasks with your Google Tasks
  9. BeyondPod Podcast Manager : lets you read RSS feeds, download, listen and watch podcasts directly on your phone. Downloading and listening to Martin Bailey, Freakonomics Radio and Lightroom Killer tips has been made wonderfully simple.
  10. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster A full offline dictionary. Need I say more?

I skipped on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare as people cannot seem to do without them or the latest version of Angry Birds or and the suite of applications (read Crapware) that come pre-installed on all android phones.

What applications do you think are must-haves on your Android phone? Please do share in the comments! Happy sharing.

image courtesy: Android backgrounds